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About Us

Jam-e-Jam Online, the news site affiliated with Jam-e-Jam Newspaper Office in the Tehran capital of Iran commenced its work on Mehr 19, 1381 (October 10, 2002) as the first Iranian  cyber newspaper, incessantly representing news and information from different parts of the world since started working.  

Jam-e-Jam Online is endeavoring to be a cyber newspaper for all people and a valve towards Iran and world events.

Accurate data-providing, preventing news tumult and meeting the readers' needs are among the targets of this news site that releases its contents in Persian language. But it likewise enjoys an English language section for releasing news in English. You can read the latest news concerning the Iran's events in various categories containing policy, culture, science, economy, society, sport and world.

Picture galley, picture report and video film have also been represented at this English site.    

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