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Date: Saturday 11 ,October ,2014
Time: 12:55
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ISIL executes news cameraman, 12 people in Iraq

The Takfiri ISIL terrorists have executed a news cameraman and 12 other people in several Iraqi towns and villages north of the capital, Baghdad, as they continue their reign of terror.

The ISIL terrorists carried out the first executions in the town of Az-Zab, 90 kilometers west of the oil hub of Kirkuk, on Friday reportedly killing nine people on suspicion that they had ties with anti-ISIL Sunni groups, according to Press TV.

Witnesses said six of them were executed in public at a marketplace in the Hawija region.

According to a security official in Baiji three men were beheaded on Friday.

Meanwhile, the ISIL militants publicly executed an Iraqi news cameraman, Raad al-Azzawi, along with his brother and two other civilians in the village of Samra, east of the city of Tikrit, on Friday, relatives of the journalist said.

Azzawi, 37, worked for the local news channel Sama Salaheddin.

According to a statement by the media watchdog Reporters Without Borders (RSF) issued last month, the ISIL terrorists had threatened to execute Azzawi after he refused to work for them.

According to the United Nations, over 1,110 people lost their lives in acts of violence across Iraq last month.

The overall security situation in Iraq has worsened over the past months after the Takfiri terrorists of the ISIL, of whom many are foreign militants, took control of parts of Iraq’s northern and western regions.

They have been committing heinous crimes in the captured areas, including mass executions and beheadings of people.


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