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Date: Monday 1 ,December ,2014
Time: 11:46
Service: International
Five beheaded bodies found in southern Mexico

Five decapitated bodies have been found in a vehicle in Mexico’s southern Guerrero State, where the disappearance of tens of students has caused controversy, authorities say.

State prosecutors said on Sunday that the mutilated bodies were found earlier in the day in the back of an abandoned truck near the town of Chilapa, located about 200 miles from the capital, Mexico City, according to Press TV.

Examiners said the bodies most likely belong to three businessmen and two architects who had gone missing earlier this week in the state of Morelos. The bodies have not yet been identified, however.

This comes a week after authorities found 11 decapitated and burnt bodies in the same town.

The new deaths come as Mexico has been witnessing protests over the disappearance of 43 students in Guerrero.

Violent protests have erupted in the country ever since Mexican officials announced that members of the Guerreros Unidos drug cartel had confessed to killing the young men and burning their remains after receiving them from corrupt police forces.


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