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Date: Monday 1 ,December ,2014
Time: 11:50
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Michael Brown’s family promises legal action after Wilson resignation

The parents of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown killed by US police have promised to press on with legal action despite a grand jury decision not to indict white police officer Darren Wilson.

"The family greatly wanted to have the killer of their unarmed son held accountable. They really would look at every legal avenue," the family’s lawyer Benjamin Crump told CBS on Sunday, according to Press TV.

A civil wrongful death lawsuit against Wilson and pursuing a law that would require all officers to wear video body cameras are among the options.

Wilson resigned on Saturday after a grand jury decided not to indict him for the shooting.

The lawyer said the family was not satisfied with Wilson’s resignation.

Ferguson Mayor James Knowles said on Sunday that Wilson did not receive a severance package when he resigned.

The police officer said that he has a “clean conscience” after not being indicted for the killing of Brown.

The attorney also noted that the victim’s family was concerned about Wilson's assertion that his conscience was clear.

Crump said the family was wondering if Wilson ever had a conscience.

“That's troubling to them. And we want police officers that do have a conscience in our community, not police officers that are as cold as ice and see our children as demons and criminals," he said.

Many US cities have been the scene of protests over the issue.

The US Justice Department is investigating the shooting to decide whether to bring federal civil rights charges against Wilson and the Ferguson Police Department.


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