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Iran: Israeli occupation of Palestine source of insecurity
Iran says the occupation of the Palestinian land by Israel is the origin of all instability and insecurity in the world.
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A senior Iranian negotiator says extension...>
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Iran has rapped the double standards...>
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Iran’s Navy will unveil a domestically-manufactured destroyer capable of carrying helicopters and launching missiles in the near future, an Iranian commander says.
Iran’s Ambassador to Riyadh Hossein Sadeqi says the enhancement of relations with neighboring countries, including Saudi Arabia, is a top priority of the Islamic Republic’s foreign policy.
Three Iranian security forces have been killed by unknown gunmen in southeastern Sistan-and-Baluchestan Province.
A senior Iranian nuclear negotiator has expressed optimism that Iran and the P5+1 could reach a comprehensive agreement on the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program in a “very short period of time.”
Sources close to the nuclear negotiations between Iran and the so-called P5+1 group of countries say the United States is now pushing for the talks to continue beyond the November 24 deadline.
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