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An exhibition displaying Asma ul Husna (or the names of Allah) is underway in the Iranian Artists Forum in Tehran marking the holy month of Ramadan.
Iran says that any excessive demands by the P5+1 group would be a stumbling block to progress in negotiations over Tehran’s nuclear energy program.
Turkey's ruling party nominated Recep Tayyip Erdogan to run in Turkey's first directly elected presidential race in August.
The nuclear talks between Iran and the world powers would fail to result in a final deal if Iran’s red lines are not respected, a nuclear negotiator says.
Tehran’s breakthrough nuclear deal with six world powers has promoted Iran to the top of the list of the most improved nations in the world, a US-based research institute says.
Exposure to some waves, including Wi-Fi waves, may be harmful, says a health official.
The first session of Iraq's newly elected parliament has adjourned for a week without choosing a new speaker, officials say.
Iran says it will not send armed forces to fight Takfiri terrorists in Iraq but will help Baghdad if it demands military equipment.
The Iranian president says that any possible failure in the nuclear talks between Iran and the Sextet would not result in more sanctions on Iran.
Russia has warned the United States against increasing support for the foreign-backed Syrian opposition.
Women are considered responsible for promoting love and affection in families, thus their happiness has a positive impact on society, says an Iranian sociologist.
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Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad...>

As a number of foreign ministers...>

Leader of the Islamic Revolution...>

The US Congress will continue its...>

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Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad...

As a number of foreign ministers...

Leader of the Islamic Revolution...

The US Congress will continue its...

Many Iranian and international...

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