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A poison gas attack has been reported outside the Syrian capital with state media blaming rebels for the attack while opposition saying government forces were responsible.
The US government has criticized a decision by the Israeli regime to freeze tax transfers to the Palestinian Authority.
The US has warned Russia of additional consequences if it fails to pull its troops back from the Ukraine border, as Kiev accused Moscow of aggression in its restive east.
An Iranian national charged with spying for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has escaped the death penalty and will instead serve 10 years behind bars.
Israeli officials have unveiled the model of a Jewish temple near the al-Aqsa Mosque Compound in East al-Quds (Jerusalem).
Russia says that it deals with "oil-for-goods" transactions with Iran according to UN rules and not US sanctions regime on Tehran.
The co-pilot of missing Malaysian airliner MH370 reportedly attempted to make a mid-flight call from his mobile phone just before the plane vanished from radar screens.
Russia says that it is not seeking to take over more Ukrainian territory denying presence of Russian soldiers there.
A former US president has blasted Washington's foreign policy saying the United States is the number one warmonger in the world.
Washington says Russia would face the consequences of more sanctions if it fails to defuse the crisis in Ukraine, claiming that Western states are united against Moscow's actions in Crimea.
Iran’s Foreign Ministry has denounced a recent report by the UK Foreign Ministry on human rights situation in Iran as biased.
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As President Barack Obama began...>

Russia has warned the Ukrainian...>

The US president says Washington...>

Russia says that Ukraine should...>

In Lebanon, search for a new president...>

As President Barack Obama began...

Russia has warned the Ukrainian...

The US president says Washington...

Russia says that Ukraine should...

In Lebanon, search for a new president...

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